Influential Development

BodyMind Balancing

It was Australian Chiropractor and Acupuncturist, Dr. John Veltheim, who developed The Body Talk System or as we now refer to it - BodyMind Balancing - in 1995.
BodyMind Balancing is a new form of holistic care that looks towards the body to determine which parts of its healing system needs treatment, and what treatment is most appropriate.
The importance of this health care system is that it works to enhance the whole body-mind complex. Therefore, it is effective in healing all the physical and mental aspects of the body, as well as the emotional and spiritual aspects.
The procedure is safe and effective. A BodyMind Balancing practitioner follows a protocol in order to alert the mind of areas of miscommunication and imbalance in the body that need healing. Then, through a series of tapping, the body is encouraged to restore the lines of communication that have been damaged, and consequently heals itself naturally.


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